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Top 100 Angels: Clyde WRIGHT #32

#32 CLYDE WRIGHT - Starting Pitcher (1966 - 1973)

Post-2005 Top 100 Angel Ranking: 52 - Read his 2005 Top 100 Angel Essay
Franchise Win Shares Rank: 27 (80 Regular Season Win Shares)

Highest Franchise Record Ranking: 51 Complete Games is 5th All Time; 3.28 ERA is 9th All Time; 87 Wins is 8th All Time
Highest Single Season Ranking: 22 Wins in 1970 is tied for 1st Place (with Nolan Ryan in 1974) All Time Single Season as an Angel.


And as pointed out by the 3-Days-of-Cryin blog, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Mister Wright, 68 years young today!