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Top 100 Angels: Jarrod WASHBURN #30

#30 Jarrod Washburn - Starting Pitcher (1998 - 2005)

Post-2005 Top 100 Angel Ranking: #29 - (his Post-2005 Top 100 Angel Essay)
Franchise Win Shares Rank: 28 (80 Regular Season Win Shares)

Highest Franchise Record Ranking: .568 Winning Percentage ranks 4th All Time (Washburn's record -based on pitchers who have tossed a minimum 500 innings with the Angels- ranked 1st all time in 2005 but Ervin Santana, John Lackey and Bartolo Colon surpassed it since)
Highest Single Season Ranking: .750 Winning % in 2002 was 2nd All Time Single Season