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Top 100 Angels: Bob BOONE #28

#28 BOB BOONE, Catcher (1982 - 1988)

Post-2005 All Time Angels Ranking: 21- read his Post-2005 Season Essay

Franchise Win Shares Ranking: 29 (78 Regular Season Win Shares)

The shocking thing about Bob Boone in an Angels uniform is how many games he caught in the seven seasons he wore a Halo: He caught 934 games as an Angel and he appeared as Designated Hitter ONCE. He pinch-hit without catching in 33 games. That is it. No innings at First Base, and less than 20 games of rest each season. IN HIS LATE THIRTIES!

Boone leads the Angels franchise in Sacrifice Hits with 90 and his 12.2 AB per K is 2nd in franchise history.

If he is recalled for anything as an Angel, though, it is for his consistency behind the dish.