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Angels Spring Training Victory 5-3

Final Spring Training Score in Tempe: L.A. Angels 5, Colorado Rockies 3

THE GOOD: Bobby "double double" Abreu

THE BAD: Sean O'Sullivan gives up 2 Runs on 2 Hits in 1 IP

THE UGLY: Rockie Brad Hawpe lacerated his left pinkie finger sliding into 2B. AAauuurrrggghh... that is hard to type without reflexively turning my own pinkies into a protective non-extended curl-up that is an untypable position.

The Angels are 3-0 and have outscored their spring opponents 20-7 in their first three spring games. Tomorrow they are on the road for the first time in Arizona to face the Brewers. Shane Loux gets to let the sun shine in with an audition for the Fifth Dimension of the rotation and Shields/Arredondo/Fuentes are expected to throw an inning each.