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Top 100 Angels: Fred LYNN #36

#36 FRED LYNN, Outfield (1981 - 1984)

Post-2005 Top 100 Angels Rank: 41 - Read My Ode to Fred Lynn...

Franchise Win Shares Rank: 41 (63 Win Shares as an Angel)

Fred Lynn had 1,682 ABs as an Angel and just over 1900 plate appearances. He was on one postseason Angels team, the 1982 Division Champions who were flattened in Milwaukee, losing 3 straight games after being up 2-0 in a best of five ALCS. Ranking a player with just less than 2000 Plate Appearances for the club is not too much trouble when they are good contributors. The problem arises when they are GREAT contributors.

Fred Lynn's statistical accomplishments as an Angel have an eerie similariy to Chili Davis. In fact, in important rate stats, Chili and Fred are neck and neck (OBP within .007 points, SLG% exactly the same and Batting Averages within .008). In counting stats, it gets downright weird as Davis has about double the ABs as an Angel an about double everything of Lynn: 257 Runs scored for Fred, 520 for Chili, 456 Hits for Fred, 973 for Chili. Davis struck out at a much higher rate and grounded into WAY more double plays than double Fred's total.

So Fred Lynn contributed with the accomplishments of a Top 25 Angel in a short window that leaves him just shy of the Top 35.