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Who Will Sponsor Vladimir Guerrero?

At Baseball Reference Dot Com, VLADIMIR GUERRERO'S CAREER PAGE is sponsor-free at the moment. This is a rare opportunity to put your name with one of the game's greats.

Why don't I snap it up? Well, funny you should ask... I stopped buying sponsorships of active players after The Great Halos Heaven Sponsorship Jinx of 2006:

I went crazy with player page sponsorships that season... but most of them tanked! Kotchman (mono), McPherson (back injury), Mathis (suckage - supplanted by Napoli), Colon (back injury). What were the odds?

I use baseball reference every day and thousands more do. I encourage everyone who loves baseball to pick up a player or team season sponsorship or two - buy your favorite player and link to your own website or -ahem- your favorite Angels blog.