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Top 100 Angels: Chili DAVIS #15

#15 CHILI DAVIS - OF/DH (1988-90, 1993-96)

Franchise Top Tens:

3,490+ At Bats and 4,030+ Plate Appearances (Each 8th place)

OBP .365 (7th)

SLG .464 (6th)

OPS .829 (5th)

520 Runs (8th)

973 Hits (7th)

1,620 Total Bases (7th)

156 HR (6th, and 2nd All Time when he set this mark)

618 RBI (5th)

493 Walks (5th)

To give you an example of how great Chili was as an Angel, he had 1 fewer Plate Appearance as an Angel than Gary Discarcina and made 335 fewer outs.

Franchise Win Shares Rank: 11 (114 Regular Season Win Shares)

Post-2005 Season Top 100 Angels Ranking: 23 - Read the essay that had so underestimated him (although the Chronicler called it, ranking him 10th all time back then). Check out his CAREER STATS - he ended up with 3 rings - 91 with the Twins and 98-99 with the Yankees.