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My Favorite Angel? A Discussion...

Halos Heaven has published a Top 100 Angels list in 2005 and is steaming toward the finish line on our post-2008 season tabulation.

We now have threads about the WORST Angel and the Ugliest Angel in the right sidebar.

But forget for a moment the lists and the achievements, the numbers and the reputations. Who is your favorite Angel?

Forget what he means to the team. Forget his place - or lack thereof - in Angels history. Forget what he means to all the other fans. He is your favorite Angel - it might be an irrational placement on the pedestal, but this is a thread about emotion not rational logic.

Maybe he was a journeyman, a forgotten three season experiment or an asterisk in team lore who will always be your favorite because he came through for the team in some forgotten game ten or twenty or thirty years ago and the clutchness of that exact moment precisely underscored the kind of hope that you want to have in life.

Maybe he was nice to you at a game, maybe he signed your cap in 1989 and you just fell in love with life to be so close to the greatness that a true major leaguer embodies. Maybe he cleared the bases in Game 7 of the World Series or had an awesome strikeout in a meaningless day game late in the Summer of 1975.

You might know the answer to the question of your all-time favorite Angel is in 1 second, know it, but do you feel it? This is not a question of who you want up with the game on the line or on the mound to get that final out. It is not a question about the team or even, really, the palyer. It is a question about you.

This question is asking which player did you just go "That is the guy."