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Final Score in AZ: Angels 12, Rockies 3

Final Spring Training Score: Angels 12, Rockies 3

And this game was not even played in Coors Field!

THE GOOD: Jeff Mathis 2 for 2 w/2HR and 3 RBI

THE BAD: Not being able to tell which F. Rodriguez gave up the 3 run dinger in the bottom of the 7th - although we know for sure which F. Rodriguez it can no longer be. For the record, it was Fernando Rodriguez, Frankie 2.0 pitched a scoreless 9th.

THE UGLY: S-Rod and Matt Brown had some errorage out there...

The spring debut of John Lackey is 2 innings, no hits with a strikeout.

The worst news out of this game is that Dodger haters now see what a terribly weak opponent exists for Team Bluebell to mow thru in 2009.