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Top 100 Angels: Troy PERCIVAL #13

#13 TROY PERCIVAL - Closer (1995 - 2004)

Franchise Records Owned by Troy Percival:

Games Pitched: 579

Saves: 316

K/9: 10.43

H/9IP: 6.03 (Nolan Ryan is 2nd with 6.27 by comparison)

WHIP: 1.101

Games Finished: 466

Adjusted ERA+: 157

ALL FIRST PLACE. Meanwhile, his Angel career ERA of 2.99 ranks 4th All Time.

4 of his Saves season totals rank in the Franchise Top Ten.

His 110 Regular Season Win Shares ranks 14th in Franchise History. He finished every series of the Angels' 2002 postseason. He was left in the pen for the final pitch of the team's 2004 postseason. He ranked 7th on our post-2005 Top 100 Angels list.