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New Halos Heaven Tee Shirt

THIS JUST IN: We are in the 2nd print run of our 2009 shirts. We will be printing on a 100% cotton, super-high-quality shirt. S - M - L - XL are $10 total - that price includes shipping! XXL is $11 total. Overseas orders add $10 per order. Order now (paypal info after break below photo), this is a limited preseason offer and will not be available much longer.


You cannot beat our price. We only accept paypal - send TEN BUCKS with your address and your shirt size(s) to: 11eric AT adelphia dot net - SHIRT SIZES ARE: Small, Medium, Large and XL. XXL shirt is $11. Add $10 to ship anywhere out of the USA.

This limited edition tee shirt is our tribute to Angels General Manager Tony Reagins, who works on our behalf to build a baseball dynasty, combining quick "Ninja" strikes with the unpretentious fearlessness to negotiate $90 million deals at local fast food restaurants, far from the glitz and glamor that have dimmed the shining charm of our national past time.