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Top 100 Angels: Wally JOYNER #9

#9 WALLY JOYNER - 1B (1986-1991, 1999)

How good was Wally Joyner? Imagine his 1995 OPS+ of 118 on the alsoran Angels of that year, choking up the biggest division lead that has ever been furballed out? What a different franchise it would be had Wally been there to push us into the postseason.

But what might have been is only half the story. What WAS stands as great enough. In fact, I invented (it might already exist) a stat just now - Win Shares per Plate Appearance. It might have helped the countdown had I invented it three months ago, but oh well.

As Angels, Darin Erstad had .025 Win Shares per plate appearance as an Angel. Wally Joyner had .032 (Rod Carew had .028 and Don Baylor had .026 by comparison). So he was heads above those guys and carried the team in 1986 to the division title.

So Wally did it all and would have done it all. Read about him in our laudatory 2005 essay WALLY JOYNER ALL TIME ANGEL from our countdown that offseason where he was ranked an absurd #20 All Time. He is definitely Top Ten material.