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Top 100 Angels: Garret ANDERSON #7

#7 GARRET ANDERSON - OF (1994-2008)

Garret Anderson is the epitome of Counting Stats and a cautionary tale of overvaluing them in the face of Rate Stats.

He might have been your favorite Angel, and he holds oh so many records. So many.

Games, At-Bats, Plate Appearances, Runs, Hits, Total Bases, Singles, Doubles, RBI, Extra-Base-Hits, Times On Base and Sacrifice Flies

He is 2nd in Angels history in HR and stands 3rd in Triples.

That is pretty awesome and that is why he is a Top Ten Angel, that and his bases-clearing double in Game 7 of the 2002 World Series.

But many fans will grumble that topping all of those categories is a clear indicator that Garret should be ranked #1, or at least higher than #7. But those records listed above are due to his record 8,480 Plate Appearances. Where Garret's achievements are measured as a percentage, he holds no franchise records. But he is still a stud:

.296 Batting Average (3rd), .469 SLG, (5th), .796 OPS (10th), 226.9 WIn Shares (2nd)

So that is a Top 100 Angel and a Top 10 Angel, but despite all of his accomplishments as an Angel, his Win Shares per Plate Appearance was .026, similar to Don Baylor and a little lower than Rod Carew. But Anderson was critical in the 2002 season as well as helping to carry the team to the 2007 AL West title with a monstrous 2nd half.

And no matter what anyone tells you, he may have looked lazy in the field, but he was a damn good outfielder.