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Top 100 Angels: Doug DeCINCES #23

#23 Doug DeCinces - 3B (1982 - 87)

When Doug DeCinces left the Angels in 1987, he held the franchise record for Slugging % at .463. It has been surpassed and now ranks 8th all time, but he was once or mountaintop. His .548 SLG% in 1982 was the single season mark for 12 seasons. It now ranks 8th.

Imagine what Doug could have done in an era where most of the pitchers were juiced fastballers instead of the post-deadball junky curvature artists he had to face.

Post-2005 Season Top 100 Angels Ranking: 18 - read the Doug DeCinces Essay.

Franchise Win Shares Ranking: 25 (85 Regular Season Win Shares)