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SBN Roundup

Let's look around at what is going on around the Sports Blogs Network lately:

Athletics Nations says new Athletic Nomar Garciaparra will be great if he platoons with Eric Chavez.

Lone Star Ball has a great discussion going on about BUSCONS in the Dominican Republic and how they are sleazy skimmers of draftee dinero.

Bless You Boys has a cool picture of Venezuela's WBC uniforms, comparing them positively to unis featured in the movie Dodgeball. There is also an article on the blog about how the Detroit Tigers are just flat out unable to sell any tickets.

At Bluebird Banter, Top 100 Angel Devon White (#44 all time Halo) has been named #21 All Time Blue Jay. What a difference a ring makes, eh Devo?

Camden Chat reports that Orioles are giving out free tickets to fans on their birthday.

Fish Stripes reports that the Marlins' stadium deal looks dead.

In college news, Bruins Nation gets political and has it out for congresswoman Diane Watson's support of USC. Ever the politician, Watson is a UCLA alum who is pimping hard on behalf of the Trojans - she represents their district!