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Top 100 Angels: Jim EDMONDS #22

#22 Jim Edmonds - CF (1993 - 1999)

Jim was one of the few bright spots on the Angels in the 1990s. He was amazing with the glove and set many offensive marks in his 2,950+ Plate Appearances as an Angel. HIs .498 Slugging % is tied (with Tim Salmon) for 2nd place (behind Vlad Guerrero) in Angels history. His OPS of .857 as an Angel ranks 3rd behind Vladdy and the Kingfish. HIs 120 runs scored in 1995 tied Don Baylor's then 1979 single season franchise mark, currently ranking 3rd (tied with Baylor and Glaus in 2000).

Win Shares as an Angel: (94 Regular Season Win Shares, ranks 18)

Where you will not see Jim's name, though, is on many Christmas Card lists. He was notorious for being a selfish player, was despised by his teammates as a malingerer only inerested in hi s own stats and never intereested in working to get one run across when strikiing out trying for a homer would do. It would do just fine for Jim but it would not do for the Angels and he was traded just before the beginning of the 2000 season basically because nobody wanted to go into the locker room as long as he was there.

Post-2005 Top 100 Angels Ranking: 26 (I gave him even shorter shrift then, one poster calls me out and says I should make equal effort for every player and I retort that every player should give equal effort, something Edmonds never did).