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Top 100 Angels: Francisco RODRIGUEZ #20

#20 - FRANCISCO RODRIGUEZ - Relief Pitcher (2002 - 2008)

Frankie grew somewhat controversial as an Angel as it just seemed he was never as much a s a team guy as a clock-punching stat-accumulator waiting for the big free agency payday. He got lucky to sign with the Mets a week before it was discovered that Bernie Madoff had taken most of Fred Wilpon and Company's fortunes.

Frankie had 4 seasons as a dominant closer for the Angels. Four record-setting seasons. Before that he had two amazing seasons as a late-inning setup man for Troy Percival. Amazing seasons.

But before that, he pretty much was the glue that led to the postseason dominance the Angels enjoyed in 2002. No Frankie = No ring. No arguments about that.

He did not establish as much as Troy Percival in Angels history to claim the highest ranking of a relief pitcher in team history, but it is inconceivable that he could not be in the Team's All Time 25 players.

If his arm had fallen off after the 2002 offseason he would still be in the Top 50 Angels on my list.

CAREER STATS - Frankie's Post-2005 All Time Angels Essay.