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Choak, No Joak: Angels Lose to Oakland

Cactus League Final: Oakland A's 5, L.A. Angels 4

A group of no-name Angel minor league relievers coughed up a close game late to the Oakland Athletics in Arizona Spring Training action Monday afternoon.

THE GOOD: Chone Figgins 2 for 3 with a Ribby ... or "Good Pinstripe Audition" as we call it,

THE BAD: Erick Aybar. A throwing error in the 2nd inning leads to an unearned run for Joe Saunders - the secret recipe gloves have to show up when pitch-to-contact Colonel Saunders is onthe mound.

THE UGLY: Bobby Crosby 4 LOB ... looks like the Yankees are not the only ones desperate for a 3Bman...

The Angels are now 9-2 in Cactus League action...