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APRIL FOOLS: Flop 100 Angels: Steve FINLEY #3

#3 STEVE FINLEY - OF (2005)

When Steve Finley signed with the Angels, some of us were worried. But the team carried him on its back despite his "injury" aka his "birth certificate." The Angels won the West that season he was with them despite his playing in 120+ games with 45 of those games being ones in which he failed to even reach base.

What Steve Finley as an Angel meant to all of us was almost more important than his pathetic bottom feeding stats. Finley was a coming of age story... a realization that a 40-year old who had a consistent presence among baseball's most obvious roiding juicers was in fact a washed-up con man bent on cleaning out Arte's wallet, a man whose publicists made sure to emphasize a workout of agility to deflect attention from the incomprehensible senior citizen accomplishments of a heretofore mediocre outfielder suddenly made an All Star with healing crystals on the neck and rubber balls in the gym instead of weight benches.


Happy April Fools Day everyone!