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Angels Defeat the Red Sox 6-3

If there was ever any doubt that Jered Weaver was not an integral member of the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, his stud performance in the face of traumatic heartbreak was one of the great Angels pitching performances of the decade.

Eight strikeouts in any game are reason enough to smile, but Weaver gave the Angels and their fans something far greater. Jered Weaver lifted the Los Angeles of Anaheim fanbase back into seeing a sport of hope and promise instead of a tragic iteration of sad reality.

It can also be pointed out now that he was the winning pitcher in relief over the Red Sox in the ALDS, practically the lone postseason highlight for the Angels since at least 2005. What we have here is a Chowdkilla. Weaver spit in the bowl of clam chowder tonight and perhaps the Angels will have the swagger of a team of destiny instead of a beaten bunch following his lead.

Abreu and Figgins, Mathis under sad pressure of course, all with good games. This could have been the beginning of a turndown in team faith and energy. Instead, it may be the beginning of the end of our pain. (by Rev Halofan, thank to cupie for throwing this thread up at the game's completion)

Panther of the Game: Jered Weaver

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