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Before you make your next picks, make sure you refresh yourselves on how things are done here... It's much more different now so, it's a good idea to read this again.

Simple procedures: (You must do 1 & 2 for your picks to count)

  1. USE THE FORM so that information will be automatically collected
    Note: If you want to change what you had, just submit it again. The last submission you send will be kept
  2. POST IN THE COMMENTS so that I KNOW you sent something off.
    This is helpful in many ways:
    (a) If you misspelled your name in the form, I can catch it easily
    (b) If the form malfunctions or there is an error in the form, there is a backup plan
    (c) If something in the form needs clarification, you can do it here too.
    Note: If you change your picks in the form, post again in the comments indicating a change.

IMPORTANT: If you cannot use the form [ is down, your workplace has banned googleForms, etc.] you must CLEARLY NOTE IT and post your picks in the comments. Otherwise I will glance over the post, thinking you didn't read the instructions.

For those of you using mobile devices, you will find that posting in the comments is not possible. However, if you cant find an alternative, you can still access the full version of the site (there is a link towards the top of the mobile version of the page) where you should be able to log in and then post! At the worst email me (screenname at google). But seriously at worst. I don't want to get your emails everyday. Seriously.

  • Picks are STRICTLY CLOSED on the listed start time. Don't be late.
  • Before the form, there will be a link to a spreadsheet that has all of your values. This spreadsheet updates EVERY 5 MINUTES. So, wait for a bit, and see if your values are in there if you're concerned if it really went through?
  • Plays/Scorings that are retroactively changed by MLB WILL NOT be taken into account. The correct values that are stated on MLB.COM when I tally the values are the final answers. HOWEVER, please make sure that I do input the correct answers when you see the results.
  • If you try to 'game' your picks, ALL of your picks will be d/q'd. Repeat offenses will result in a deduction of points. What does it mean to 'game' your pick? Hard to say... But I'll know when I see it.
  • Constructive comments as to how things are going are ENCOURAGED and APPRECIATED. If there is a mistake, be sure to say it. We will be trying our best to make this process easier to deal with, but due to the speed at which the population here grew... whew, need some more time...
  • (Added) If there is a discrepancy between the POSTED QUESTION (by Rev Halofan) and the FORM (by myself) then go with the version that is POSTED by the Rev. ANY discrepancies will be decided by the Rev, if he is not around then I will attempt to make a decision (but the Rev will make the final decision!)

The rest of the details found in the previous articles, after the bullets, are the same. They can be found here.

Stay tuned later today for the first weekly results post!!