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Week 01 Results

Well, here is Part 1 of a 26 Part series, the "Weekly HH Results Post".

This is where you get to see how well you did for the week in the Pregame Picks. There was an amazing 202 players this week. (Last year, only 129!)


CONGRATS to rmhalofan for racking up 12 points this week! Giving him top honors for the week.

See how you fared amongst your fellow HHers! It's ranked by points, then within the same point-value it is ranked in alphabetical order.

OR, go to Sheet1, which is in alphabetical order.

There's no Cumulative sheet today because... well, it's the same as the above link.

Remember, you should be checking that your values are inputted correctly. It's your responsibility to check your own points.

KINGFISH & KING FISH ... your names are very similar. You need to be VERY careful when inputting your name in the form! Otherwise you'll destroy each other's picks...

Now, brag away here!