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Angels Brawl Over Boston 5-4

Final Score in Anaheim: Angels 5, Red Sox 4

Despite having two players a manager and a coach ejected, and with the umpires seemingly in collusion with the Boston Red Sox, the Angels took care of business in front of an not-quite sold-out Sunday afternoon home crowd and defeated the mini-Evil empire, 5 - 4.

Bobby Abreu was almost headhunted by Josh Beckett, a boy who needs an umpiring crew and a team of gonads behind him to feel like a man. Playing like the spoiled cheat we know he is, Beckett whined and pouted his way thru 6 innings of being slapped around after failing to intimidate the Angels. Abreu ended up slapping Beckett's pitches just fine, thank you, drove in some runs, Vladimir Guerrero added a solo shot that proved to be needed insurance and Brian Fuentes tight-roped it for starter Dustin Moseley.