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Take this Show on The Road TUESDAY PREGAME

3:40 PM: Angels @ Mariners, Shane Loux @ Carlos Silva

Pregame Picks: Name 3 Angels who will get a hit in today's game.

The Mariners have a stealth plan to win the American League West - Be better than they were last season. It would be hard to be worse!

So what they did was they went out and got a great outfield defense so that flyball-prone pitchers like Carlos Silva would be spared the slings and arrows of gappers to the wall. Of their new super lawn shielding outfield alignment one thing can still be said - a bal hit over the wall in fair territory is still a homerun, so Carlos Silva may be getting a Jack Zduriencik-issued insurance policy, but Silva himself is just one of those many Bill Bavasi-issued gifts that keeps on giving!

The Angels went 14-5 against the Mariners last season, but the seafaring tugboat Somalis have pirated Ken Griffey Junior to assist in their attempted plunder of those passing through such northern waters lookin' for baseball victories. Ichiro ate something that tore up his stomach but is supposed to be back in the lineup soon.

The opener will be all about Griffey as far as the Safeco Stadiumites are concerned and the Angels could sure use the distractions of the road and other fans roaring for aged baseball gods returning to the land of the Designated Hitter.

And then we just go out and crush the ball.

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