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Angels in Seattle WED Pregame

7:10 PM - Weave @ Wash

The Angels are looking at a little club with a fanbase that comes out for opening day and there really isn't anyone on the team who can say "Hey that used to be us, 45,000 on Opening day and 21,000 the next night." As far as the guys in red are concerned, they play for an always dominant franchise. Meanwhile, the starving Seattle players are out of touch with the 116 steroid-induced wins that their ancestors brought forth upon this country and cannot imagine the life a media-centric dynasty.

And that is the way it is going to stay, two groups of guys with no connection to the sufferings of the past or any of its glory, either - and even less concern for the fans who wistfully recall yesteryear.

These men are there to win and get paid and I am glad I am rooting for the team with the greater likelihood of more ofen completing that scenario.


YES or NO: The Angels will score a run or more in the first inning

YES or NO: The Angels will score a run or more after the 6th inning has ended

YES or NO: The Angels will hit at least one HR in the game tonight

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