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Thursday Safeco Pregame

7:10 PM - SAUNDERS @ RowlandSmith or Jakubauskas

Joe Saunders is our temporary ace, I guess they are all temporary like Achilles.There isn't much more to say with an ace on the mound besides "PLAY BALL!" and knowing that we skipped Felix and a seemingly healthy Bedard and still had the first two handed to us only for us to politely turn down such gauche things as an easy victory in the Pacific Northwest

Pregame Guesses:

  • YES or NO: The Angels will have a baserunner safely reach 3rd Base in any one of the first two innings.
  • YES or NO: Vladimir Guerrero will score a run in tonight's game
  • YES or NO: Scot Shields will throw at least one pitch in tonight's game

- Click HERE to see if your results went through (updates every 5 mins)
- Be sure to post in the comments if something is wrong