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Angels Bullpen Meltdown Gifts Twins a Win

In a game that saw the Angels worst reliever, Justin Speier, put in the best pitching performance of the night, it figures blowing a 6 run lead would happen after Speier’s first hint of success on the mound in almost a year. Rafael Rodriguez (wearing Esteban Yan's jersey #59 and pitching like him), Jose Arredondo, Scot Shields and the Queen of Pain Jason Bulger, combined to give up 9 runs in 3 innings after Speier had shut down the Twins over two innings for an injured Dustin Moseley.

Let’s look at the bright side, though. My girlfriend made me a great dinner. It was awesome eating a delicious filet of sole with butter and lemon, cooked carrots and brown rice.

Nice when the team made me puke it all up that it pretty much landed in one spot on the carpet with very little splatter.