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Week 02 Results

Part 2 of a 26 part series is here!

Now we've got something! This week we've got 2 people who share the Top Score for this week with 13 points! Congrats to princeton11loveshalos and Stirrups!

If you're not one of those two, check how you did HERE. (193 players!)

Now the new stuff. Cumulative results. This'll keep track of how you're doing to date in the pregame picks. THIS is the one you want to end up on top of!

Top Score overall is 21 points, owned by teopeht!

To see how you're doing overall, click HERE. (231 players total)
If you're having a hard time finding where you are, go look in the alpha-order!

By the way, TheAngelsAngels... look how your name is spelled... you keep typing in TheAngelsAngles. Try to fix that up...

As always if you find something wrong, post away.
Don't forget to make your picks to tomorrow's DAY GAME !