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Angels @ Brooklyn Landgrabbers PREGAME

7:10 PM - Dustin Mosely @ Randy Wolf

The Angels have had a whole six weeks to warm up for the season and Halos Heaven readers will only have three games to warm up their PREGAME GUESSES. Each day's results are tabulated by SCOTTNAK and you want to stay on the scottnak's good side and abide by his rulings and interpretations...

Use this thread to post your PREGAME GUESSES. Reuslts do no count toward our season tally leaderboards, but you may want to get started now...

  1. Number of Angel hits in innings 1-6
  2. Name the first Angel who safely reaches third base in the game tonight ("nobody" does no count as a guess)
  3. Name the Angels pitcher who throws the first pitch in the bottom of the 7th inning