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L.A. of Brooklyn Beats L.A. of Anaheim

Final Score from Chavez Ravine: Angels 2, Dodgers 6

Preseason work at night:

Dustin Moseley threw 80 pitches, 50 for strikes, giving up 3 ER in a pitchers park. The lack of outfield range in the Angels' defense is going to make Andre Ethier's Triple a common thing this season.

Vladimir Guerrero had a 2-Out RBI, so that is worth something.

Brian Fuentes looked awesome in his 1-2-3 7th inning. Some of those swooping curves (maybe you call them sliders) to righthanders were beautiful twists of batter-caught-looking-teases.

But that was about it for the good news, where the Halos couldn't buy a hit besides 8 lousy singles, ironically the one hit in the 8th inning by AAA casualty Brandon Wood being the hardest-hit of the night. The Angels are demoting the guy who squared up the ball the best tonight.

Jose Arredondo had a bit of batting practice fever, surrendering a run on some hard hit balls. But it doesn't count and maybe he working on stuff. Maybe.