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Ryan's Minor League Report


Salt Lake - 7 and 3, half a game out

Brandon Wood - 22 AB's .318/.400/1.000 with 4 HR's, 1 trpl, and 1 dbl against 5 K's
Bradley Coon - 19 AB's .368/.455/.737 with 2 HR, 1 dbl and 1 SB against 1 K
Reggie Willits - 27 AB's .370/.387/.444 with 2 doubles and 1 SB
Terry Evans - 29 AB's .364/.400/.545 with 1 HR, 3 doubles and 2 SB against 9 K's

Brandon Wood picked up right where he left off in Arizona, hitting for outstanding power while maintaining a reasonable strikeout rate. Outfielders Bradley Coon, Reggie Willits, and Terry Evans have also thrown up great numbers, with Coon belting the go-ahead 11th inning homerun last night - he doesn't hit those often, but they always seem to count. On the other hand, infielders not name Wood have been slow to get into the groove and the pitching... well, let's just say that the pain felt in Anaheim is also felt in Salt Lake.

Arkansas - 4 and 6, 2 games out