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Tigers Here TUE Pregame

7:05 PM - Gallaraga @ Weaver - Young Galarraga is, oddly enough, almost ten months OLDER than Jered Weaver.

A day off, some home cooking, everyone got "reacquainted" with their old lady... time to start a 150-Game Wining Streak, yah? YEAH!!


All YES or NO:

  1. Will Bobby Abreu draw a walk more than once in tonight's game?
  2. Will Bobby Abreu score at least one run in tonight's game?
  3. Will Bobby Abreu have at least one RBI in tonight's game?

Feel free to join our daily pregame picks - simply fill out the form at the link below with your picks and then confiem those picks as a comment in the thread. Make sure you correctly spell your Halosheaven user account name.

Post in comments if there's problems.
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