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Unshielded: Angels Bullpen Gifts Tigers 12-10 Win

Final Score in Los Angeles of Anaheim: Tigers 12, Angels 10

Are the Tiger bats this good or is the Angel bullpen this bad? That wasn't what the Disneyland-adjacent faithful were wondering as they headed toward the aisles in a chorus of grumbling boos and obscenities as the normally reliable Scot Shields made the 7th inning a 5 run affair, allowing 2 hits and 2 walks without getting an out, leaving Jose Arredondo holding the bag and inheriting some clunky fielding by infielders who see Brandon Wood closing in on their job and knowing Manager Mike Scioscia benched Howie Kendrick amidst the biggest slump of his professional career.

Joe Saunders was far far from the ace he has been billed as, allowing 5 runs in 5 innings. In fact, the only Angel pitcher of 6 in the game to not allow at least 1 Earned Run was the heretofore scorned Jason Bulger, whose scoreless 8th inning lowered his ERA 4.50 (from 18.00 to 13.50).

The Tigers slapped out 18 hits, but the Angels were not punchless, with 16 hits, but the demoralizing sight of Scot Shields reduced to walking in a run with no outs in an inning he started was psychological bombshell for the Los Angeles of Anaheim Nine.