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Pitching and Offense Takes Charge in 10-5 Angels Win

Final Score: Angels 10, Tigers 5.

The surprise drag bunt by Chone Figgins in the 7th inning with the bases loaded scored two runs on an errant throw to First Base, and with it the Angels exorcised some recent rally demons and added to the Hollywood tale of AAA afterthought Matt Palmer pitching 6+ innings of serviceable ball, enough to give a tired Angels bullpen a break.

I sat in the front row by the bullpen tonight and saw a terrified look in the eyes of Mister Palmer, whose body language was screaming PANIC and whose first inning fastball was wailing CHOKE when it wasn't echoing HIT ME. But something settled the journeyman Righthander down and the Angels bats were given time to coagulate into run scoring, although the Tigers defense and 2 bases loaded walks by Detroit starter Edwin Jackson sure helped the Los Angeles of Anaheim cause. (RevHF)