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Angels Marooned in Mariner Romp

Final Score in Los Angeles of Anaheim: Seattle 8, Angels 3

The Angels' luck with AAA starting pitchers keeping them in games ran out in a big way Friday night against the suprising (but don't get your hopes up) Seattle Mariners. Erik Bedard looked like a pitcher you would give up five players for and Shane Loux looked like he was 8th on a team's starting rotation depth, and so the game played out exactly as the natural order of things determined it should.

There was a time that the game was close, but the Angels could not muster any hits. Once the inning of pain came upon the House of Moreno though, the men in red did manage to put a few runs across as the hometown camera crew made the broadcast an infomercial about bringing the family out to the ballpark, focusing more on ice cream sandwiches than on pitching prospects up from Salt Lake. Of course, Angels pitching is nowhere near as sweet as ballpark munchies these days, so, hey, the marketing department is obviously emphasizing the positives about this Angels squad.

Bedard went 6.2 Innings and gave up 2 Earned Runs on 5 Hits. Loux looked about ready to cruise until a 5th inning saw some lucky hits open the floodgates as 10 Mariners came to the plate and 6 returned around the bases.