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Pregame Picks -- Week 03 Results

Yup. Welcome to week 3's end!

There are still people who don't understand how the pregame picks works. A sad sight to see, but it bears repeating.

2: POST IN THE COMMENTS (anything!)

That's it. It's fairly easy... The rules in full can be found HERE if you somehow find yourself confused. Once you use the form but forget to post your points will be 0'd. After 3 misses, you'll start losing points (hint hint ToriiTheHunter)


Anyway, let's get to this week's results!

With 11 points, scottnak was the leader for this week!
Hey! That's me! Awesome. If you're not me, then check HERE to see how you did!
There were 169 players this week!

And for the Cumulative stats, we have a share for the lead!
At 29 points, scottnak and teopeht are in the lead.
Well then, looks like teopeht was able to keep the crown... 'cept now you're going to have to share it for a while!
For the rest of you, click HERE to see how you're holding up.
We've swelled to 244 players up to this point!

As always, be sure to post any errors you may have found that I may have not addressed.

P.S.: BryanHarvey'sMoustache... there's an s after the apostrophe in your name... please remember to put it in.