Wood vs. Aybar: Another View

My question is really simple: what has Aybar done to be given any preference over Wood?

Looking at the play of Erick Aybar and Brandon Wood in the majors and minors over the last four or five years is illuminating, but at no time in their careers has Aybar been considered the "better" prospect of the two. Now, Aybar was AHEAD of Wood because of age, but Wood has always put up better numbers...

Aybar's big season in High-A was great... 20 years old, .370 OBP and .485 SLG. 50 extra base hits and 51 steals (with 36 caught stealing!!!).  

Even that season - the gold standard for Aybar and his best possible performance is dwarfed by Wood's High-A season.. 


B-Wood's High-A season: 20 years old, .383 OBP and .672 SLG. 98 extra base hits, including 43 HR.

Look at these two pages - notice the ages and leagues and tell me why anyone would defer to Aybar over Wood at this point in time.

I'll wait while you read...

Wood's Stats

Aybar's Stats

Back yet? OK.

Last year it could be argued that BWood needed more time in AAA to fully adjust to the higher level of competition. But now that they are both ready for the big leagues, what is the rationale?


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