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Halos Storm Petco, Beat Padres

Final Score in San Diego: Angels 6, Padres 5

No Angel batter had more than one hit. Vladimir Guerrero had a solo blast. Jeff Mathis had a two-run double, the 2nd-hardest hit ball of the nigh for the Angels. Kendry Morales hit a triple ... a testament to Petco's dimensions more than anything else.

Batting under quaint and antiquated National League rules, pitcher Kelvim Ecobar struck the Heisman pose when he got an RBI Single, infuriating Mike Scioscia who might have been seeing visions of insurance premiums dancing thru Arte's head on the most comical at-bat of the spring.

Outfielders Bobby Abreu and Juan Rivera each had run scoring doubles.

Speaking of Escobar, he threw 41 pitchers, 29 for strikes, had a shaky first inning but settled down quickly. Justin Speier was a gascan out of the bullpen, costing Kelvim the W, but not choking so bad that the team did not come thru.