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Yankees Overpower Angels in 3-Run 8th

Final Score in the Bronx: Angels 4, Yankees 7

Rookie Anthony Ortega threw a hundred piches in his 2nd ever major league appearance, holding the Yankees to 4 runs in his 6.1 IP. Reliever Justin Speier, 11 years Ortega's senior and 578 games ahead in major league appearances over the rookie, saw his first appearance at the new Yankee Stadium become a disaster as he gave up 4 hits and 3 ER in 1/3 of an inning pitched.

The Angels kept Yankee starter AJ Burnett busy but never came through with the big hit, Mike Napoli's solo homerun being a highlight, as well as Erick Aybar's fearless challenge of Johnny Damon's nonexistent throwing arm on a Chone Figgins bloop to shallow left, scoring all the way from 2nd Base.

It was the Angels first loss in their past four games and the first loss of the season wearing their alternate red jerseys. Aybar, Figgins and Maicer Izturis (at DH) all gave no reason for fans to cease thir squabble over the Los Angeles Quarterback Controversey of Anaheim, wondering aloud - and louder after every weak effort on the part of the scrawny infield set - over the absence of the power-laden bad of post-prospect Brandon Wood, riding the Anaheim pine tonight in the Big Apple. The mysteries of Mike Scioscia's love affair with scrappy infielders continue to taunt Halo Fans everywhere.