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Your Halos Heaven Pregame Guesses Guide!

Hello there. I'm ScottNak. Your resident point tallier. I'll be the one taking care of the pregame-picks results here.

If you're new around here, this post is directed to you. If you're not, it can't hurt to refresh yourselves with the basics.

Typically up by the night before the game (definitely by the morning of), you'll get a set of 3 questions to answer. Post your answers and hope you get them right.

Picks are closed at the listed start time of the game.
Don't be late!!

When making your picks:

  • Put them in the TITLE of your post [OR] Put them in the START of the body of your post. If you streamline your picks into some text, I may overlook it.
  • You may CHANGE your picks anytime before the cutoff. But post them AS A REPLY to your original picks and in full. For example, if you originally posted "3-Willits-No" and want to change Willits to Vlad, then post "3-Vlad-No" and not just "Change Willits to Vlad please!". Not doing so may d/q your picks.
  • If I DO overlook your picks, please tell me. Either in the gamethread (if you see me posting) or in the postgame.
  • If the picks calls for a player's name, nicknames are OK. But try and use one that's popular around here. If it's too weird, it'll make it hard on me, and I don't want that. And if I don't want that, you don't want that.
  • If plays are retroactively changed ... I don't care. Don't bug me about it. All stats that are collected from when I tally the results are final. (But do check that I post the correct Answer)
  • If you try to 'game' your picks, ALL of your picks will be d/q'd. Repeat offenses will deduct points. What does it mean to 'game' your pick? Hard to say... But I'll know when I see it.
  • If your name is a bit long, I will abbreviate it. Keep an eye out for this if you fit this criteria.

At the END of every game, I will post the results. If I'm following the game, it'll be up within the hour. If I'm not, it'll be up by the next morning (If I'm really busy, it may take even longer). You'll see this image at the bottom of the POSTGAME Thread:


...which will be linked to a spreadsheet of the results. They are arranged in POINT order then ALPHABETICALLY. Don't be whining if it's taking too long. I have other things to do too ya know. Patience.

EVERY SATURDAY, you'll see a post by me showing the results for the week. There will be a link to THIS WEEK's results followed by a link to a CUMULATIVE result.

Try your best to get the week's top score!!

You'll have 24 HOURS AFTER this post to post any errors that I may have made this week.


I try my best to get the data in correctly, and I do most of the time. It's your job to check on your own scores!

Well. That's all I can think of that's important now.
tl;dr (that's: too long; didn't read) version?

  • Make your picks CLEAR and CLEAN.
  • Check your results in the POSTGAME thread
  • Check your results in the Saturday WEEKLY thread
  • Go Angels!

Updated info can be found here.