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Game 2 Pregame Guesses

7:05 PM - Trevor Cahill @ Dustin Moseley

The best part of this pitching matchup is the underestimation of the somewhat seasoned Moseley versus the overestimation of Cahil based solely on his pitching for an organization that is all myth when it comes to producing top tier talent.

The Angels acquired Dustin Moseley from the Reds in exchange for Ramon Ortiz. While Moseley is far from a world-class arm, consider that Ortiz is out of baseball altogether. Moseley would likely be in the uninjured Five-Man rotation of at least 20 Major League teams and he still has a smidgen of upside relative to his career numbers.

At least Angel fans should hope...

Pregame Guesses

ALL OF THESE are to be answered YES or NO in the Comments section

Will Brian Fuentes appear in tonight's game?

Will Darren Oliver appear in tonight's game?

Will Jose Arredondo appear in tonight's game?