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Game 3 V. Oakland PREGAME

7:05 PM  - Dana Eveland (yes, a GUY named "Dana") @ Nick Adenhart

A lot of weight is on the shoulders of Nick Adenhart. A good way to look at that is that at least the weight is not on his surgically-repaired elbow.


1. Name the Angels pitcher who will throw the first pitch of the 6th inning
2. Yes or No - A SAVE will be recorded in the game tonight (either team)
3. How many Angels in the starting lineup will get a hit in their first plate appearance?

[[Notice]] We will begin a new way to collect the pregame data. We are very ecstatic that there are so many more people playing now. But the old way the data was collected is just infeasible to do anymore (at least to keep my sanity). So we will be streamlining things slightly.

1. Use the form below and submit your guesses. (Want to change your picks? Just submit it again.)
2. Post in the comments below to serve as a 'receipt' to your picks. (The picks you make in the form is more important)

If you do not do BOTH your picks will not get counted.
Please bear with us as we experiment with this and please leave constructive feedback. Thanks and lets beat them As!