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Adenhart's Gem Denied by Angels Bullpen Meltdown to A's

FINAL SCORE IN Los Angeles of Anaheim: Angels 4, Oakland Athletics 6

Through 7 innings, the Angels had managed 4 runs on 8 hits, two RBIs were from sacrifice flies and two were from simple singles with men in scoring position. The hunch was a 4-0 lead would be a godsend as the worries have been over the Starting pitching. The bullpen has been an assumed stellar strength in every preseason prognostication.

Well, it was a reverse curse as Nick Adenhart, 7th on the team's starting pitcher depth chart, threw a 5 strikeout 6 inning gem, getting out of jam after frustrating jam with a knee buckling curveball and a well-masked changeup. After a scoreless 7th inning by middle reliever Jose Arredondo, manager Mike Scioscia broke with his usual game plan and left Arredondo in. Two batters and two baserunners later, Scot Shields came on. He was not terrible at all, but little dribblers and fielding miscues lef to 3 runs. Closer Brian Fuentes was one strike away from finishing the game TWICE and lost on some seeing eye hits and a lost-in-the-lights fly ball.

Not the type of buzz to leave the hometown fans with.


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