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Angels Bullpen Unweaves Gem Into Boston Win

Final Score in Anaheim: Red Sox 4, Angels 3

The Angels players can take solace in knowing their pathetic effort Tuesday night was witnessed by the smallest evening crowd in Anaheim since 2004, as under 34,000 fans were on hand to witness a Jered Weaver pitching gem turn into a sloppy bullpen implosion and ultimate defeat. With a Laker playoff game, a Ducks hockey playoff game and new episode of American Idol, the bodies were elsewhere tonight and that might be a good thing for the health of the franchise, as this is the type of demoralizing loss that Mike Scioscia might insist that his players forget but that fans recall when they decide to not buy tickets to upcoming games.

The team took a 3-1 lead into the top of the 8th but Jose Arredondo loaded the bases and ended up with 2 ER charged to him when Darren Oliver hit David Ortiz with the bases loaded. Scot Shields joined the unraveling with a double given up in the top of the 9th to Jason Varitek - previously batting .231 until Shields made him look like Ty Cobb.

Angel bats were weak all night but managed 2 sac flies and a base hit RBI each in 3 separate 1-run innings. It looked like it would be the Angels night when Juan Rivera threw out Jacoby Ellsbury at the plate with a beautiful block by Catcher Jeff Mathis.

Jonathan Papelbon got the save with a mile-wide strike zone.