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Week 06 Pregame Picks Results

Well. Another week's over... and that means another look at the results of how you guys have done in the Pregame Picks!

Though this week was a little rough for the Angels, it was a healthy week for those searching out for points.

This week, 4 people were able to share the top scoring crown with 11 points each. Want to know who they are? Well, you'll have to click THIS LINK to find out.

And now we take a look at the cumulative results. Last week we saw teopeht lose the crown for the first time in a while... but he comes back to tie up last week's champion Brew Angel with 48 points.

To see where you stand, click THIS LINK.

And here are the weekly warnings:

Ca1IFORNIA ANGELS -- I don't think you've spelled it consistently once yet. Please pay attention.
HalosFanatic -- THERE IS NO SPACE IN YOUR NAME! I warned you last week. Figure it out.
angelsfan777 -- there's an "S" in your name. Please don't forget it.
ToriiTheHunter -- Clearly you don't read these, but just so I can say "Don't say I didn't warn you"... you're 2 misses away from getting banned.

Well. That's all. The next picks are up, so make your picks quick!