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Halos Lose and Swept by the Rangers

Halos got swept by the Rangers. What a bummer, total bummer. Clearly, the Rangers were the better team. The Angels came into this series on a bit of roll and one could argue that they finally had turned the corner.

After the sweep by the Rangers the Halos have to answer some very hard questions: Does Mike Scioscia trust his bullpen anymore? He clearly left Jered Weaver in too long. This team without Vlad has very little, if any, power in its lineup. I don't know if there is a remedy for this. One can make the claim it's time to bring up Wood and give him a lot of playing time but what do we do with the glut of middle infielders?

In the past we were able to get by with small ball and keep the game close and trust our bullpen, but Scioscia clearly does not trust the pen anymore and has abandoned his own philosophy, in regards to this. The starters have not been the problem. The problem; the Angels Achilles heal, their offense and now compounded by their bullpen. What can we do to fix this? I don't know. Be patient, be pissed off, bring up someone up from the minors, make a rash trade...? I don't know. We got beat by the Rangers this weekend who both played small ball and hit for power and to pour salt in our wounds, they showed every glaring weakness this Angels roster has.