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Angels Rebound on Kendry Morales 2 HR Game

Final Score in Seattle: Angels 10, Mariners 6

Turning the page on a sweep in Texas quickly, the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim turned their current ten-game road trip around like a gang of bruised bikers discovering an isolated bikini beach. The Angels tore thru the Mariner bikini patch by a score of 10-6 and it really wasn't that close as the girls from Seattle went helplessly shrieking from Angel bats bouncing back from their Texas heatstroke.

Kendry Morales led the way with 2 homeruns. With a Cuban accent thicker than flan, Morales told postgame interviewer Jose Mota that he did not mind bating lower in the order, that he respects the manager's decision either way and that he has been taking early batting practice. Torii Hunter, who is a way better interview, had a bases loaded double that gave the Angels the lead for good. He also made a few amazing catches in the game - one in the Left-Center gap, running, in particular saved two runs as a shaky Jose Arredondo looked around for help from the pitchers mound, wondering what happened to all those idiot fans who thought he should be anointed closer before the season began.

The Angels belted out seven extra base hits - four doubles and three homeruns - a seeming first for this team that seemed to be just a bunch of single-hitting ninnies only yesterday. The iffy pitching continued, with Leader of the Pack John Lackey having little bite to his once legendary curveball.