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Week 04 Pregame Picks Results

While it was a fairly good week for the Angels this week... the pregame picks results don't look as pretty.

In fact, this week, we topped out at 7 points for the leader, which is shared among 4 people. Even more unfortunate, 3 of those 4 missed one of the games this week. What could've been had you not missed that one day.

To see if you could be one of those 4, check HERE.

And we can see how the overall race goes on HERE.
teopeht keeps the crown with 34 points, breaking the tie from last week!

By the way, new rule, once you hit -50 points I'm gonna hit you with the banhammer. Just in case someone is trying to play the game backwards...

Oh yeah, and in case you didn't notice from the last post: In the Runs/Hits Picks, if you decide to pick MORE, you need to give me the number you think it is (that is not in the pulldown menu). It says clarify in the comments. Don't know what else you could think that means.

Anywhoo. Once again, make sure to note any possible errors and such.
Here's hoping for a better week!

FYI, Penalty Rules are as follows:
First 3 "used the forms, but didn't post" = 0 points
Each time after that is an additional -1 point.
(4th time = -1, 5th time = -2, ...)

Every 4 weeks I'll retire 3 of your mistakes.

Doesn't make sense? Well, that's easy to fix: Play the game correctly!