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Lunch Thread: Ervin Angel

Tonight (7:10 PM), Ervin Santana faces Chris Jakubaskaus in Seattle

Here is something to look out for in the game tonight: Ervin Santana has 585 career strikeouts. He ranks 18th in franchise history. Kelvim Escobar is #20 with 561 Ks (hopefully he will be moving up the list later this season). Clyde Wright ranks #19 with 571 whiffs.

Ramon Ortiz has 590 strikeouts. 6 Ks for Ervin tonight will put him sole possession of Ramon's current neighborhood, 15th place. That's right, 6 strikeouts tonight and Ervin will leapfrog over THREE Angels in the all time strikeouts category.

Francisco Rodriguez ranks 17th on the all time Angel list with 587 strikeouts and just ahead of him, tied with Ramon Ortiz for #15 All Time with 590 strikeouts as an Angel is Scot Shields, who tied Ramon last night with a K looking of Jose Lopez for the 2nd out in the 8th inning.

Ervin Santana could surpass these three tonight with six strikeouts. But sole possession of 15th place could be tenuous if Shields is called upon in the late innings.

In the big picture, a healthy Ervin Santana is on his way to ranking a lot higher than #15 in many Angel pitching categories.

Also if you want to get a laugh, the Dallas Morning News linked to Halos Heaven and in the comments (SCROLL DOWN) at that link, the hayseed populace goes off on yours truly, generalizing Angels fans as entitled and calling me a socialist among other things.