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Angels Shutout in Seattle, Waste Ervin Santana Masterpiece

Final Score in Washington State: Mariners 1, Angels 0

Ervin Santana pitched a gem in the emerald city, but Brandon Wood is back in the AAA Salt mine, and with an AWOL offense, the Halos lost 1-0 to a Chris Jakubauskas, a Mariner pitcher who lowered his ERA to 6.10 with 6 shutout innings.

Howie Kendrick would seem just about ready to get demoted to AAA or at least put to work selling cotton candy in the aisles at the Big A by next week. After two batters walked to load the bases in the top of the 4th inning, Kendrick swung at the first pitch and hit a weak fly out. Torii Hunter, who had doubled with two out to start the would-be rally, was as close as the Angels got to a run tonight, stranded on 3B.

Santana pitched 6 and 2/3 innings of 1 run ball, allowing 5 hits, lowering his ERA to 3.09 in his 2nd start of the season. His 3 strikeouts on the evening pushed him to sole possession of 16th place on the Angels all-time Strikeouts list, surpassing Francisco Rodriguez, 588 Ks as an Angel to Frankie's 587.

Otherwise, this game blew chunks, and the chunkiest thing in Seattle is raw oysters, so there is your unappealing visual of what this game really looked like. Blechhh.